Our Welding Services

Welding ServicesMIG / TIG / ARC / Stick Welding Services

HTC Welding specialises in a wide range of welding services, including MIG, TIG, and ARC/Stick. With their skilled team, they deliver exceptional results for all your welding needs. HTC Welding guarantees top-notch workmanship and attention to detail.

For precise and clean welds on thin materials, HTC Welding offers TIG. This technique utilises tungsten electrodes to create strong and visually appealing welds. Their skilled professionals ensure exceptional results that meet your exact specifications, no matter the complexity of your project.

When it comes to heavy-duty welding applications and robust welds, We provide ARC/Stick services. The team’s expertise ensures superior workmanship that consistently exceeds expectations. HTC Welding is the brand you can trust for all your needs.

Shutdown Specialised

At HTC Welding, we specialise in shutdown services for power stations, refineries, oil and gas plants, mining divisions, and fabrication projects. As a preferred service provider, we deliver efficient and reliable solutions for various industries, ensuring precision and excellence in every project.

Other Services

Arc Air Gouging

Arc air gouging is a technique that removes metal by melting it with an electric arc and blowing it away with compressed air. It is used for cutting and preparing surfaces for welding. Our team has the expertise to deliver quality workmanship that meets your specific requirements.

Oxy Cutting

Oxy cutting is a technique that uses oxygen and fuel gas to cut through metal. It is used for cutting thick metals and shaping them. Our team has the expertise to deliver quality workmanship that meets your specific requirements.

We also do Rigging and Dogging Services.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At HTC Welding, we take pride in the quality of ourservices. We understand that every project is unique, which is why we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. Our team’s expertise, experience, and commitment to excellence allow us to provide innovative solutions and quality workmanship.

Call HTC Welding on 0407 334 716, let us be your trusted provider of high-quality welding services.