Rigging and Dogging

Rigging and Dogging Services

Rigging and Dogging At HTC Welding, we specialise in ensuring safety and efficiency in rigging and dogging for construction, mining and maintenance projects. With a reputation for excellence and a track record of impeccable safety records, we are one of the most reputable and trusted companies in the industry, consistently exceeding expectations.

Why Use HTC Welding for All Your Rigging and Dogging

We adhere strictly to Australian safety guidelines, ensuring that all our rigging and dogging activities are completed with the necessary certifications. This commitment to compliance guarantees that your projects are executed with the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

With decades of experience, HTC Welding has successfully handled all situations in rigging and dogging. Our extensive expertise enables us to tackle any scenario, no matter how challenging, while maintaining composure and precision. Rest assured that when you choose HTC Welding, you are partnering with a team that is prepared for any rigging or dogging task.

Rigging and Dogging

As skilled riggers and experienced doggers, our team possesses the knowledge and capabilities required to execute their tasks with utmost precision and care. Their expertise enables us to provide the best services in the safest manner possible.

At HTC Welding, we understand the importance of offering good services. Whether you require rigging services, dogging expertise, or a combination of both, HTC Welding is here to assist you. We are dedicated to delivering reliable, efficient, and safe solutions that surpass your expectations. With HTC Welding, you can have peace of mind knowing that your rigging and dogging projects are in the hands of professionals who prioritise safety and your project’s success.

For all your rigging and dogging, call HTC Welding on 0407 334 716.